Experience Quality Dent Repair In Denver

We work with all reputable insurance companies and will help take care of your claim, inspection, and deductible. Because we aren’t using chemicals, there’s no effect on the environment with paintless dent removal in Colorado Springs. The air doesn’t get polluted by harmful chemicals, and we won’t contaminate the groundwater.

Cannot say enough good things about Elite Hail Systems. I had procrastinated on getting my damage from the May 2017 hail storm and the my insurance company estimated $9000 worth of work. My car looked like a golf ball, entirely covered in dents, even had my brake lights broken out.

In addition, it helps to have the special gadgets that we have to carry out the job. Second , we’ll have to finalize how we’re going to access the dent and then gain access to it. This means we may have to remove panels on the car, taillights, headlights or other parts of the car.

Protect your vehicle’s paint from the sun’s damaging UV rays, rocks and debri with a clear bra professionally installed by Certified. Rick does an excellent job of removing Dent Repair Parker at a reasonable price. Dent Tech specialists have your best interests in mind, schedule today your FREE quote. Get it fixed RIGHT… so you recover your FULL book value,like it never happened. Contact us for an on-site or in-store inspection and estimate. It is possible with certain damage scenarios for us to provide you with a rough estimate from photos or videos.

At Summit Hail Repair, we will do our best to work with you if you do choose to repair for the damages out of pocket. Call your insurance company and they will walk you through the next steps and tell you what information they need. Usually, this entails the date of occurrence, vehicle VIN #, your location, and policy number. If your car is not drivable they will let you know what to do with the car. Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and sometimes it includes hail.

If you live in the Denver area, call us or schedule your evaluation online using our form. Unlike other Denver paintless dent repair shops, Summit Hail Repair goes BEYOND paintless dent repair. All repairs performed at Denver Dents are backed by a Lifetime Warranty to offer all our customers peace of mind that our work is done to the highest of quality standards. Denver deserves a dent repair service that’s done right the first time. The technicians at Phil Long Collision Center start by assessing the damage to ensure that PDR is a good option. Then, we gain entry to the back of the dent, which sometimes requires removing some auto body parts.

Although we CAN remove the dent, the repair is not 100% as the paint will still have damage. At Summit Hail Repair, we work with some amazing local Denver auto body shops that can quickly and affordably do paint touch-ups and get your vehicle looking back to new! The only caveat is the original factory paint warranty will no longer be valid but the cost to repair is still relatively low. In addition to paintless dent repair, you’ll find a range of other services here at CARSTAR West Auto Body, Denver, CO, your one stop destination for auto body repairs.

All of these questions will have to be answered before we’ll know for sure whether we can use PDR in your situation. Like stated before, more often than not we’re able to use this effective and efficient method to help you. From the time of the approval, turnaround does depend on the level of damage that has to be dealt with on your car, and how busy we are.

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