Volkswagen RGB RNS315 Camera Integration Kit Camera

Ready to perform all manipulations without the presence of the customer. To do this, you need to send the radio through the carrier company. Our specialists are among the few masters who can handle the flashing of the RNS-315 series radio tape recorders. Please note – if you planning to fit it in pre 2008 car you may need upgrade you CAN Gateway to prevent battery drain when fitting newer type radios.

VAGTEC offers the original products designed and manufactured to meet the highest global standards. The screen resolution of the Volkswagen RNS 315 is 400 x 240 pixels. Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Volkswagen RNS315 below. Automatically switches to Rear-view when car is in Reverse mode.

Our full range of services enables us, to offer you, comprehensive and professional support for any type of vehicle, no matter what service you require. There is no problem to switch off the ignition or the radio during the update. Our products are professionally installed at your home or workplace anywhere in the UK by our own network of accredited engineers. The great benefit of this system is that it has the ability to control optional extras if you decide to install them with or at a later date.

They will add the Russian language and even frequencies. Now you will be able to navigate through the maps of Eastern Europe. We carry out all manipulations in the shortest possible time and provide a guarantee. Multi Device Interface allowing full control of Apple™ iPods, displaying track names and allowing search, Albums, Playlist, Songs, Artist view functions and USB storage devices.

Good service – prompt reply to queries & good product knowledge. Good product- New card, professionally labelled; don’t know if this is a VW original product or not, but if not it’s equally as good. Very good price – might be possible to get it a couple of pounds cheaper elsewhere but even if so I’d buy from LatestSatNav again.

It only gets better with this unit as it provides you with a fully integrated Bluetooth system with on screen dialling and phone book. It also shows you all of your most recent dialled/missed/received calls. There is also the ability to save your favourite numbers for quick one touch dialling. Well we don’t believe this is very fair, so we are able to provide the Original & Genuine Volkswagen RNS 315 system for your VW direct from Germany. Even VW call us to install as its cheaper than purchasing through their parts & service system.

The nav sd card arrived today and is working, thanks very much for a good service. Please keep hold of the original card, once installed it is locked to your system only and is unusable in another vehicle and you may need it in the future. Of your new sat nav disc updates for those in less of a rush. For Volkswagen RNS 315 there are regular updates of official firmware and maps. The change of region includes the addition of even frequencies of our local radio stations, Russian language in the menu and maps. Our easily accessible location and knowledgeable and friendly staff makes us the number 1 choice for your installation.

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