World’s largest’ Banksy exhibition is coming to Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

Shop by colour, or theme and arrange 2 or more matching pieces in the same room to fill large walls. Create symmetry and establish a unique theme in your home. This event will give some insight to the art works that are represented here. This exhibit has been all around the world and the Dubai Banksy Exhibit will be the huge one among them. Get ready to witness this world phenomenon and have a taste of this renowned art. This will be a definite treat for all the art enthusiasts around the world.

It is an interesting visit for anyone curious about art. Check out our comprehensive list of the art exhibitions in Dubai in 2021 so you can plan out your trips accordingly. Banksy is a pseudonym used by this anonymous street British artist, political activist and writer known for his anti-consumerist themed work. His street art combines satire and dark humour, which can be identified by his unique stencilling style. Dubai’s street art credentials have been on the up and up for years now but it’s going to get a shot in the arm with this unique new experience.

Instead of having to hike out to London, Los Angeles or Paris or the West Bank, you can witness Banksy trailblazing murals right here in Dubai. We’re talking not just a handful of murals but a whopping 50 murals. Banksy art Dubai artworks showcase political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy, and greed; and each piece is bought to life across immersive space, with every detail maximized. If you haven’t seen his works in real life, you will be able to experience Banksy in Dubai at ToDA in its 360° art exhibition titled Banksy 360.

More than 120 recreated paintings and art works of the world’s renowned anonymous artist Banksy are recreated to its authenticity and are represented here. This is an absolute immersive experience for all the visitors. The art exhibit here is a completely unauthorized exhibit that is open to the public. British anonymous artist Banksy, who is known for his art with political and social messages, will be having his biggest art exhibit right here in Dubai, at the Mall of the Emirates. Called “The World of Banksy – The Immersive Experience”, this unauthorised exhibition features 120 pieces of artwork from the renowned street artist. The 30-minute experience will play out inside an immersive space within TODA from March 16 to April 30.

Hailed as an inspiration by street-artists worldwide, Banksy is a pseudonymous Britain-based street artist whose real name and identity remain a subject of speculation. His works have appeared all over the world and sold for millions at various auctions. Once an artwork appears, Banksy usually lays claim via his official Instagram page. His works often focus on topical societal issues and make strong political statements. Banksy may be one of the art world’s most famous names, but his identity remains unknown.

The reproductions of graphic murals will enable visitors to rediscover iconic pieces, including Girl with a Balloon, the Flower Thrower, the Mobile Lovers, and many other works by Banksy. The Dubai Banksy Exhibition displays the recreated versions of several famous Banksy arts including Girl with a Balloon, The Mobile Lover and more. The Dubai Banksy Exhibition is the world’s largest representation of the several arts by Banksy.

High appreciation to Adarsh & Subbu for making such memorable trips and keep up the momentum . You can buy tickets online at Platinumlist or in-person at the theatre’s box office. It will be held from April 5 to June 30 and will be open to visitors from noon to midnight. His art has gone on display all over the world, including the UK, USA, Australia and many more.

The best way to purchase your tickets is to get them online and in advance. This way you get the time slot of your choice to visit the exhibition, and you can avail of discounts available on a number of websites. Since his entrance into the art scene in Bristol in the late 1990s, Banksy has made waves. His anti-authoritarian-themed works often discuss political, cultural, and ethical issues. His identity is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, yet his works are instantly recognizable throughout the world. The street piece put on sale for The Greatest Auction programme was brought in by a sales representative named only as Justin, who said he believed but could not prove the art was a Banksy.

The Mall of the Emirates offers a complete shopping and entertainment experience for visitors. From luxury brands like Chanel and Burberry, entertainment centres such as Ski Dubai, Magic Planet and Dreamscape, to retailers including H&M, Carrefour and Sephora. We take you through Banksy’s works and spill the tea on this eagerly anticipated art exhibition in Dubai.

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