Composable banking

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Forget one-size-fits-all, vendor lock-in, monolithic systems and limited modularisation. Mambu gives you the composable technology foundation to power modern financial experiences aligned to business goals and customer needs.

Our approach to design and delivery is based on the flexible assembly of independent systems, so you can innovate and evolve financial services quickly and cost-effectively.

The world is changing fast, your core needs to keep up

New entrants are reinventing financial services from the ground up. Quick and effortless experiences are replacing clunky, manual ones. Customers raised on Amazon and Netflix are looking at their banks with new eyes.

For the vast majority of financial institutions, this rapidly accelerating change is an existential threat.

But for some, change is a major opportunity and a serious competitive advantage. These organisations — startups, spinoffs and incumbents alike — are taking a completely fresh approach to their core banking infrastructure challenges. It’s called composable banking.


What is composable banking?

Composable is an approach to the design and delivery
of financial services based on the rapid and flexible
assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems.


Apply agile principles to build, test and release new capabilities in days or weeks.


Pick and choose to combine systems in unique ways to create a competitive advantage.


Select off-the-shelf cloud solutions, as well as custom-built, value-generating IP to differentiate in the market.


Avoid massive monoliths or excessive dependencies on single companies as potential bottlenecks.


Build for the need of the stakeholder and the problem set, be it customer-facing or an internal process.


The cloud banking platform that makes composable work

Configurable deposits and lending products, partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers, your choice of major cloud providers and a clear and transparent SaaS delivery and pricing model, we’ve got you covered.


Principles of composability


No single vendor can innovate on every front. Our ecosystem of best-of-breed providers covers system integrators, consultants and technology partners to support our customers' innovation.


Cloud-native composable components that are always-on, always accessible, and can scale infinitely and securely.

Continuous delivery

With a cloud-native SaaS platform that automatically delivers the latest innovation to all of its customers, you’re always ready for what’s next.


Choose a core banking platform that is built for change, so you can focus on delivering the exceptional experiences your customers expect.

Open APIs

High-quality, well-documented APIs enable seamless integration and interoperability between different systems, services and third-party providers.

Infinite iteration

Go beyond IT complexity. Empower business users to build and iterate fast and add ecosystem providers to answer business demands when needed.


What you can expect

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